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Why Tobias Harris frustrated



The Philadelphia 76ers faced another basketball challenge, succumbing to a 117-99 defeat against the Boston Celtics, reigniting discussions surrounding Tobias Harris’ performance. Since his arrival from Los Angeles via trade in February 2019, Harris has been a subject of mixed opinions due to his occasional below-par play despite his significant contract. While he often bounced back to deliver decent, and at times impressive, basketball, his recent form has been far from beneficial for the team.

Over his last five games, Harris has struggled, averaging just 10.8 points on 31.3 percent shooting. Moreover, his defensive efforts have notably waned, with a lack of hustle plays evident. Against Boston, Harris managed only two rebounds and no assists, blocks, or steals in 29 minutes. While past frustrations with a passive Harris were common, the current version of his game seems to be negatively impacting the team like never before.

Some have speculated that Harris may still be affected by a previous hip injury, although he downplayed this notion when speaking to reporters in Boston. Head coach Nick Nurse expressed frustration with Harris’ recent performance, emphasizing the need for improvement in rebounding and ball movement from several players, not just Harris.

Harris acknowledged the challenge of working through slumps, emphasizing the importance of analyzing game footage, adapting, and focusing on contributing positively to the team’s success. Despite the frustration of missing shots he typically makes, Harris remains confident in his ability to overcome this phase.

Continuity within the team has also been disrupted, with injuries and new additions leading to constant lineup changes. Harris highlighted the team’s efforts to organize offensively amidst these challenges.

While Harris’ poor shooting alone would be frustrating, the combination of this with other aspects of his game raises greater concerns. It remains to be seen whether Harris’ performance will improve with improved health or if the shooting slump is affecting other facets of his game. However, if his current level of play persists, Nurse may consider benching the team’s second-highest-paid player as a last resort.

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