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Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, where we delve into the thoughts of the most informed Minnesota Vikings fans and enthusiasts across the nation through surveys conducted throughout the NFL season. To be part of the weekly surveys delivered via email, sign up here.

As we navigate through the offseason, we’re excited to bring you another SB Nation Reacts survey focused on our beloved football team. This week, with quarterback discussions set to dominate the offseason narrative, we invite everyone to weigh in on their predictions for the Vikings’ quarterback in 2024.

You have the opportunity to choose from the current roster, including pending free agents, or speculate that the quarterback for the 2024 season might not currently be on the roster. The latter opens the door to various possibilities, from a potential draft pick to, dare we say, the signing of a notable figure like Russell Wilson, should the Vikings opt not to retain Kirk Cousins for the upcoming season.

While we’re still about eight weeks away from the commencement of the new NFL league year and the onset of free agency, it’s never too early to engage in discussions about the pivotal quarterback position on the football field, is it?

Participate in the survey by casting your votes here, and feel free to express your opinions in the comments section. Check back later in the week for the survey results.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone contributing to this week’s SB Nation Reacts survey! Your insights are invaluable.


1.Β Are you confident the Vikings are headed in the right direction?

2.Β Who will be the Vikings’ starting quarterback in 2024?