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Unveiling the Secrets Behind Tiger Woods’ Mega Nike Deal: Dive into the Juicy Details of His Contract!



Recent reports suggest that Tiger Woods may part ways with Nike, and there’s speculation that Nike might withdraw from the golf scene altogether. If Woods does decide to leave, it would mark the conclusion of one of Nike’s most significant athlete endorsements, a partnership that has spanned over 25 years. Even for those who aren’t avid golf enthusiasts, picturing Woods without his iconic Sunday red Nike polo is quite a challenge.

Similar to Nike’s growth with Michael Jordan in basketball, the brand had a modest presence in golf before the era of Tiger Woods. Entrepreneur Joe Pompliano, on his “Joe Pomp Show” podcast this month, highlighted that Nike Golf’s annual revenue surged from $30 million to $300 million within two years.

In the aftermath of the groundbreaking report initially presented by the “No Laying Up” golf podcast in December, Footwear News is delving into the history of Tiger Woods’ Nike contracts.

Woods initially signed with Nike after securing three consecutive U.S. Amateur Golf Championships. The five-year deal, valued at a reported $40 million, was a groundbreaking move for a golfer who had yet to turn professional. Nike bet on the 20-year-old Woods becoming a star, and their investment paid off with Woods emerging as one of the most dominant athletes globally in the 2000s.

As the new millennium commenced, so did Woods’ reign over the PGA, winning 12 of his 15 Majors during the decade and holding the world’s number one golfer position for a record 281 consecutive weeks. Nike, in the same year as signing the deal, introduced Woods’ first golf shoes, the Air Zoom TW and Air Zoom Sport TW, followed by the iconic “yin-yang” logo in the subsequent year. In 1999, Nike aired a memorable commercial featuring Woods showcasing impressive ball-handling skills.

Woods’ second contract in 2001 marked the most dominant phase of his career, winning eight Majors from 2000 to 2005. He became the only player to achieve a “Grand Slam” across 2000 and 2001, winning all four majors in a row.

In 2006, Woods signed his third contract with Nike, reportedly worth $20 to $40 million annually. Nike remained one of the few sponsors to stand by Woods after his 2009 extra-marital affair scandal, while others terminated their contracts.

Woods renewed his partnership with Nike in 2013, with reports indicating a deal worth up to $200 million. Despite controversies, including a 2017 DUI arrest, Nike continued to support Woods. The 2019 Masters win, his first major in 11 years, led to another Nike commercial featuring footage from his early years.

Now, with speculations of Woods’ potential departure from Nike, the future of this long-standing partnership remains uncertain.