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Unveiling the Hottest Scoops from Pinstripe Alley – 1/17/24



I might be reiterating myself by now—it’s challenging to contribute to online content for over a decade without doing so—but as the chill persists outside, the prospect of Opening Day feels incredibly distant. Fortunately, mathematics plays in our favor as we find ourselves beyond the halfway mark between the final game of the Rangers/Diamondbacks World Series and the much-anticipated Opening Day of 2024. So, hooray for the solace that math provides in these frigid moments.

On the subject of mathematics, we can now unveil something that we’ve been aware of for some time. Devoted readers of PSA might have observed that Alex Eisert ceased penning articles for us towards the end of November. The reason? He’s embarking on a new journey with the Blue Jays:

While we’ve already conveyed our congratulations to Alex privately, we wish to extend our best wishes to him publicly once again. His opportunity to contribute to a major-league team is well-deserved. It’s a bit unfortunate that it’s with a division rival, but regardless, we anticipate Alex excelling up north. Smart and affable, we’re confident he’ll make his mark.

Moving on to the current content, Noah will persist in our Trade History series today, delving into notable transactions between the Yankees and the reigning World Series champions, the Texas Rangers (still a tad odd to type considering their long title drought). Following this, Sam will explore the potential free-agent target Hector Neris, recently rumored to join the Yankees bullpen. Peter will reminisce about an outstanding ’70s player, ranking as the 21st-best Yankee in franchise history. In the absence of any unforeseen moves, Andrés will conclude by reflecting on an easily overlooked reliever in the New York bullpen.

1. Among Jasson Domínguez and Spencer Jones, which Yankees prospect do you predict will have a more successful MLB career?

2. From the remaining eight teams, who is your pick for the Super Bowl?

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