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Unlocking Success: The Ultimate Trick for Extending Harper’s Contract!



In November during MLB’s General Managers meetings, Scott Boras, Bryce Harper’s agent, stirred discussions concerning Harper’s contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Harper, under a 13-year, $330 million deal signed in 2019, is one of Boras’ prized clients. Despite this being among baseball’s top deals, Harper’s yearly average ranks 22nd at $27.5 million. Boras, typically seeking options for clients like Trea Turner, had hoped for more flexibility in Harper’s contract, aiming for an extension beyond 2031. Harper, expressing a strong desire for stability in Philadelphia until he’s 45, rejected opt-out clauses.

While Boras voiced aspirations for a contract extension, Harper has openly praised his love for playing in Philadelphia, diminishing speculation about leaving. Matt Gelb, the Phillies’ reporter, suggested a compromise: a two-year extension taking Harper to age 40, potentially settling the issue.

Despite the looming financial discrepancies with newer contracts like Shohei Ohtani’s colossal $700 million deal, Harper’s performance in 2022 post-Tommy John surgery showcased his impact, making him a valuable asset as a first baseman in 2024 for the Phillies.