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‘Underrated’ $3 Million Playmaker Makes……..



The Minnesota Vikings are in need of running back assistance for the upcoming offseason. While they are not expected to pursue high-profile free agents, there is an opportunity to secure reliable production at a reasonable cost.

According to Andrew Krammer of Star Tribune, the Vikings are looking to address their running back situation, as their backfield managed only four rushing touchdowns last season. However, it is unlikely that the team will make significant financial commitments in this position.

One potential option discussed is Devin Singletary, a free agent from the Texans. Singletary, who demonstrated efficiency despite challenging blocking conditions, signed a $2.5 million guaranteed deal last year. Having set a career-high with 898 rushing yards, he could offer a valuable contribution to the Vikings at a potentially affordable price.

Despite the Vikings ranking low in rushing attempts, yards, and touchdowns, Singletary’s projected market value of $4.3 million aligns well with Minnesota’s budget constraints. With $29.1 million in cap space and various roster needs, securing a cost-effective solution like Singletary becomes a crucial consideration for the team.

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