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Unbelievable Skills Showdown: Vikings’ Andrew DePaola Dominates Pro Bowl Game



In a pivotal moment during the Pro Bowl Games Skills Challenge’s “Snap Shots” event, Andrew DePaola emerged as a key player for the NFC, leaving a lasting impression on a Hall of Famer. Representing the Vikings and Team NFC, DePaola showcased his expertise as the final snapper in a 45-second accuracy contest.

With two centers and a long snapper from both the NFC and AFC teams participating, the challenge involved snapping balls at targets 13 yards away, each with varying sizes and point values. Notably, every fifth ball was painted gold, doubling its point value. DePaola found himself in a decisive situation, needing seven points to secure a victory for himself, Eagles center Jason Kelce, and Saints center Erik McCoy.

Embracing the pressure, DePaola executed a flawless performance, accumulating nine points with apparent ease. His strategy involved a calculated focus on the targets, especially emphasizing the double-point gold balls. In a moment of strategic collaboration, DePaola and Kelce discussed their approach, with DePaola providing valuable insights into Kelce’s abilities.

“I was the last one to go, and we were down. I talked to Jason and said, ‘Hey, man – I’m just gonna pepper the 1 and get us back these seven points,'” DePaola explained. He further highlighted the effectiveness of targeting the number 5 for additional points. Kelce, impressed with the plan, encouraged DePaola to execute it, resulting in a triumphant outcome.

ESPN’s broadcast captured the reaction of Peyton Manning, the Hall of Fame quarterback coaching the AFC team, as he observed DePaola’s exceptional performance. The entire episode underscored DePaola’s strategic prowess, teamwork with Kelce, and nerve-wracking precision, ultimately contributing to the NFC’s success in the challenge.

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