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Should 49ers Sign Trent Brown?



Since the departure of Trent Brown in 2018, the San Francisco 49ers have grappled with a persistent void at the right tackle position, a crucial spot in any NFL offensive line. Now, as they look to bolster their roster and fortify their offensive front, it seems imperative to revisit the possibility of bringing Brown back into the fold.

At 30 years old, Brown remains a free agent, offering a seasoned option with proven ability, albeit with occasional setbacks due to injury. However, his experience and skill set could prove invaluable, especially as the team looks to develop younger talent for the future. Considering his availability and the 49ers’ need for stability at the position, pursuing Brown on a short-term deal seems a pragmatic move.

Reflecting on the decision to trade Brown initially, it raises questions about whether it was the right move. While Coach Kyle Shanahan may have had concerns about Brown’s fit within the team’s offensive scheme at the time, his departure left a noticeable void that subsequent attempts to fill have struggled to address adequately. The trade that sent Brown to New England, while yielding a third-round pick used on Tarvarius Moore, ultimately failed to provide a satisfactory long-term solution at right tackle.

In Brown’s absence, the 49ers turned to Mick McGlinchey, investing a top-10 pick in him with the hope of solidifying the position. However, McGlinchey’s performance has been inconsistent, leading to uncertainty about his future with the team. Furthermore, the current right tackle, Colton McKivitz, while possessing toughness, lacks the requisite athleticism to excel in the role.

Despite Brown’s occasional injury concerns, his athleticism and track record suggest he could provide stability and experience to the offensive line. By signing him to a short-term contract, the 49ers could mitigate risk while simultaneously affording themselves the flexibility to explore other options, such as using a first-round pick on an offensive tackle in the upcoming draft.

Addressing the offensive line issues has been a longstanding priority for the 49ers, and bringing Brown back into the fold represents a potential solution to a problem that has persisted for too long. As they strive to contend in a competitive league, securing stability at the right tackle position could prove instrumental in achieving their goals for the upcoming seasons.

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