"SHOCKING TWIST: Iconic Star Expresses Frustration as Young Goalkeeper Bids Farewell to Celtic! You Won't Believe the Legend's Response!" - footballivenews
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“SHOCKING TWIST: Iconic Star Expresses Frustration as Young Goalkeeper Bids Farewell to Celtic! You Won’t Believe the Legend’s Response!”



Former Celtic youth goalkeeper Vincent Angelini is determined to follow in the footsteps of his famous relative and represent Scotland at the highest level. The 20-year-old, now playing for Brentford, finds inspiration in his grandfather, Celtic legend Davie Hay, as he progresses in his early career.

Having recently returned to the English top-flight club after an impressive trip with the Scotland Under-21 team, Angelini looks up to his grandfather, who earned 27 caps for his country. Despite his father, Tommaso, having been on Lazio’s books in his youth before settling in Scotland, the aspiring goalkeeper considers Hay his mentor.

Standing at over 6 feet tall, Angelini left Celtic two years ago for Watford after spending a decade in the club’s youth set-up. Hay, nicknamed “The Quiet Assassin” during his playing days, was a formidable midfielder and versatile full-back. Now 75, he was a standout for Scotland during the unbeaten run in the 1974 World Cup Finals.

Reflecting on his departure from Celtic, Angelini acknowledges his grandfather’s initial disappointment but emphasizes the exciting career move it represented. He credits Hay for introducing him to football and recognizes the valuable advice and support he receives regularly.

Despite their differing positions on the field, Angelini appreciates his grandfather’s in-depth knowledge of the game and welcomes any guidance to help him improve. The young goalkeeper emphasizes that leaving Celtic was a challenging decision but ultimately beneficial for his career growth in English football.

Having joined Brentford in January, Angelini values the opportunity to work under B-team manager Neil MacFarlane and frequently trains with the first team. Explaining his move from Watford, he expresses a desire for a fresh challenge and finds the B-team set-up at Brentford intriguing, especially with regular trips abroad to play against other B teams.

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