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REPORT: Critical Moves



The conclusion of the Eagles’ season can only be characterized as a collapse, considering their promising start. Leading the league for a significant portion of the year with a 10-1 record, the team secured victories against formidable opponents like the Bills and the Chiefs. However, the momentum took a negative turn after the win against the Bills.

In their first December game, the Eagles faced the second-placed 49ers, experiencing a significant setback. Philadelphia struggled as the Niners effectively shut down their rushing game, allowing a mere 46 total yards. The defense faced challenges against Brock Purdy, who delivered an exceptional performance with four scores, marking one of his best games of the season.

The woes continued as the Eagles visited division rival Dallas, resulting in another defeat with a deficit of 20 or more points. Following this loss, Philadelphia faced additional challenges in three out of the next four games, concluding the regular season on a shaky note. As the fifth seed in the NFC, they entered the Wild Card round against Tampa Bay.

The Buccaneers demonstrated their hunger, taking an early 10-0 lead, and the Eagle’s defense struggled, seemingly forgetting how to tackle. Tampa exploited the vulnerabilities of the banged-up Eagles’ defense, with cornerback James Bradberry facing significant challenges, allowing the most yards on the team.

To address their struggles, especially on defense, the Eagles can leverage the upcoming draft and free agency. The 2024 draft offers depth in defensive backs, with potential standout Kool-Aid McKinstry from Alabama likely to be gone in the top 20. With the 22nd pick, Iowa’s Cooper DeJean could be a fitting choice for the Eagles, excelling in zone coverage and aligning well with their defensive scheme.

A veteran linebacker like Baltimore’s Patrick Queen, proficient in both run defense and pass defense, could be a valuable addition. Retaining key players is crucial for the Eagles, especially considering potential retirements, including Jason Kelce and Fletcher Cox. Deandre Swift’s contract situation also requires attention, with the possibility of adding a veteran halfback if needed.

If Philadelphia manages to retain most of their roster, they should be well-positioned for the 2024 season. Despite the setbacks in 2023, they have the potential to reclaim their status as a top team in the NFC East and contend for the division title. The challenges of the previous season do not necessarily dictate the trajectory of the upcoming one.

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