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Phillies: What’s Our Fatal flaw?



Critiquing the Philadelphia Phillies proves challenging given their array of strengths: a potent offense, a bullpen that holds its own, and a starting rotation with considerable upside. On paper, the Phillies seem poised to rank among the National League’s elite teams in 2024.

However, is there a glaring weakness that could derail their aspirations? An area demanding immediate attention before or during the upcoming season? Let’s explore one aspect where the Phillies must enhance their performance and propose a viable remedy for the club.

Identified Fatal Flaw for the Phillies in 2024: Starting Pitching Uncertainty

The Phillies’ starting rotation harbors the potential for greatness in 2024. Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler boast impressive resumes, and Taijuan Walker has demonstrated his capabilities as a seasoned big league starter.

Despite his struggles in the 2023 regular season, Nola, who recently re-signed with Philadelphia, showcased resilience in the playoffs, fueling hopes for a strong showing in the upcoming season. Yet, uncertainties linger around Nola’s consistency.

Similarly, Walker faced challenges in 2023, although his track record suggests a rebound could be in store.

Ranger Suarez, another component of the rotation, endured a subpar 2023 campaign. Except for Zack Wheeler, the Phillies’ rotation lacked luster last year.

Despite these setbacks, the Phillies secured an NL Wild Card berth and narrowly missed reaching the World Series. With a potent offensive lineup, the team possesses the talent to excel. Nevertheless, bolstering the starting pitching staff, a pivotal aspect of the game, warrants serious consideration to address a potential fatal flaw.

Immediate Solution: Pursue Jordan Montgomery in Free Agency

Jordan Montgomery emerges as a viable target for the Phillies in free agency. The 31-year-old left-hander has been a model of consistency since the 2021 season. While not considered an elite pitcher, Montgomery’s reliability makes him an ideal addition to a Philadelphia rotation currently plagued by uncertainty.

Maintaining an ERA in the 3s each season since 2021, Montgomery has showcased commendable durability, appearing in at least 30 games over the past three seasons. His steady performance, despite being traded twice within that timeframe, underscores his value as a dependable starter.

Alternatively, exploring options like Blake Snell or pursuing a trade could provide the Phillies with another established starting pitcher, a move that could prove pivotal in shoring up their rotation for the challenges ahead.

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