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Phillies Power Move! The Rule 5 Draft Just Got a Major Shake-Up at This Key Position!



The Philadelphia Phillies opted not to make a selection during the Major League phase of the Rule 5 Draft on Wednesday at the Winter Meetings in Nashville. However, in the minor league phase, the Phillies focused on bolstering their catcher position.

In the first three rounds of the minor-league draft, the Phillies picked up three catchers: William Simoneit from Oakland (first round), Luis Caicuto from Arizona (second round), and Carson Taylor from the Los Angeles Dodgers (third round). Additionally, Toronto shortstop Trevor Schwecke and Cleveland first baseman Bryce Ball were selected in the fourth and fifth rounds, respectively.

Simoneit, who had a .237 batting average in 825 at-bats within the Oakland system, reached Oakland’s Double-A affiliate in Midland. Caicuto, a .300 hitter in the Arizona system for three seasons, remained with the Diamondbacks’ Arizona Complex League team. Taylor, a former fourth-round pick in 2020, achieved a .252 batting average in his minor league career with the Dodgers, reaching their Double-A affiliate in Tulsa.

These catchers join the Phillies’ existing Top 30 prospects, which includes catchers Caleb Ricketts, Eduardo Tait, and Kehden Hettiger, according to Ricketts is the only one who has played with a full-season affiliate.

The minor league phase saw more than 40 players selected, with the Phillies losing four players: pitcher Rafael Marcano (Minnesota, first round), pitcher Keylan Killgore (Kansas City, second round), pitcher Carlos Betancourt (Houston, second round), and pitcher Blake Brown (third round, Tampa Bay).

2023 Rule 5 Draft

Major League phase

A’s — RHP Mitch Spence (NYY)

Royals — RHP Matt Sauer (NYY No. 25 prospect)

Rockies — RHP Anthony Molina (TB)

White Sox — LHP Shane Drohan (BOS No. 19 prospect)

Nationals — SS Nasim Nuñez (MIA No. 16 prospect)

Cardinals — RHP Ryan Fernandez (BOS)

Mets — RHP Justin Slaten (TEX) (Traded to BOS for LHP Ryan Ammons)

Guardians — 3B Deyvison De Los Santos (AZ No. 5 prospect)

Padres — RHP Stephen Kolek (SEA)

Rangers — RHP Carson Coleman (NYY)

Minor League phase

Round 1

Royals — OF Joe Gray (MIL)

Rockies — RHP Brendan Hardy (NYM)

White Sox — RHP Jose Ramirez (BOS)

Nationals — RHP Samuel Vasquez (CLE)

Cardinals — INF Johnfrank Salazar (BOS)

Angels — 1B Eric Wagaman (NYY)

Mets — C Donovan Antonia (CIN)

Pirates — RHP Fineas Del Bonta-Smith (COL)

Guardians — RHP Ty Brown (HOU)

Tigers — RHP Nick Starr (TEX)

Red Sox — C Michael Gasper (NYY)

Giants — RHP Nick Garcia (COL)

Reds — LHP TJ Sikkema (KC)

Padres — SS Clay Dungan (KC)

Yankees — RHP Gabriel Barbosa (COL)

Cubs — 2B Hayden Cantrelle (SF)

Marlins — OF Yeral Martinez (NYM)

D-backs — RHP Darlin Pinales (LAD)

Twins — LHP Rafael Marcano (PHI)

Blue Jays — OF Alexis Hernandez (BOS)

Phillies — C William Simoneit (OAK)

Astros — RHP Railin Perez (BOS)

Rays — RHP Michael Gomez (NYY)

Orioles — RHP Nelvis Ochoa (COL)

Braves — LHP Tyler Thomas (NYM)

Round 2

Royals — LHP Keylan Killgore (PHI)

Rockies — RHP Thomas Ponticelli (CLE)

Nationals — RHP Wander Arias (KC)

Cardinals — SS Miguel Villarroel (TEX)

Angels — RHP Ryan Miller (BOS)

Mets — RHP Alan Perdomo (COL)

Pirates — 1B Seth Beer (AZ)

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