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Philadelphia vs. Tampa Bay NFC Wild Card Faceoff……..



This team appears fatigued, but there’s a positive aspect to it. After the close call in last season’s Super Bowl and high expectations for this year, the team, which secured a playoff spot with a hot 10-1 start, seems tired once again. Despite concerns like the struggling pass defense, weakened run defense, and injuries to star receivers, there’s still potential. The team possesses the necessary talent, coaching, and expertise to navigate the opening round of the tournament, provided Jalen Hurts can start strong.

While Tampa Bay faced challenges late in containing the run and had issues in the secondary, the Eagles, with their potent offense, could capitalize. Philadelphia has an impressive 8-0 record when exceeding 355 total offensive yards but struggles at 3-6 when falling short. Tampa Bay is 3-8 when allowing over 305 yards, a threshold that only a few teams managed to keep the Eagles under.

The health of AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith is a key factor. Smith, dealing with various injuries throughout the year, often performs well when on the field. However, Brown’s questionable status following a knee injury adds uncertainty. The Eagles were expected to “turn it on” against the Giants but faced issues with Hurts, defensive lapses, and turnovers.

On the contrary, Tampa Bay’s offense is in good form, boasting balance and a standout performance from Baker Mayfield, going 5-1 in the final stretch. However, Tampa Bay’s victories lack significant wins against playoff teams, and their previous encounter with the Eagles in Week 3 resulted in a 25-11 loss.

The current dynamics of both teams have changed significantly since their last meeting. Philadelphia has the potential to overcome their fatigue issues, with a strong defensive performance and an efficient ground game. With Tampa Bay struggling to establish a running game, and despite Mayfield’s competence, the Eagles, led by Hurts and their key components, might prove to be too formidable.

To highlight the importance of the ground game, Philadelphia holds a 7-9 record when allowing fewer than 85 rushing yards, a mark that Tampa Bay failed to reach ten times. In conclusion, Philadelphia has the potential to overcome their fatigue and secure a victory, albeit not necessarily in a glamorous fashion.

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