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Perkins’ U-Turn on Celtics Coach Mazzulla



Kendrick Perkins underwent a significant change in his stance towards Joe Mazzulla, transitioning from harsh criticism to staunch support for the Boston Celtics coach. Initially, after the Celtics’ home loss to the Denver Nuggets on January 19, 2024, Perkins, known for his outspokenness as an ESPN analyst and former Celtics player, had been particularly critical of Mazzulla’s coaching style. He likened Mazzulla to having two contrasting personas, one excelling when the team hits their three-pointers and another seeming ineffective and unable to generate easy scoring opportunities for his players.

However, Perkins’ perspective shifted dramatically in recent days, as he praised Mazzulla for guiding the Celtics to the NBA’s best record, standing at 43-12 post-All-Star Weekend. He acknowledged Mazzulla’s ability to orchestrate defensive prowess and foster offensive diversity within the team, with various players stepping up on different occasions. Perkins also commended Mazzulla for instilling a championship-winning mentality within the team, attributing their on-court performance as a reflection of the coach’s leadership.

This newfound appreciation starkly contrasts with Perkins’ previous remarks, highlighting his tendency to engage in provocative commentary without always offering coherent reasoning. Despite this, Perkins expressed admiration for Mazzulla’s ability to engage in banter and ultimately recognized his coaching acumen and positive impact on the Celtics’ success.

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