Nearly 15% of New Mexico GOP Voters Reject Trump in Primary: READ WHY?
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Nearly 15% of New Mexico GOP Voters Reject Trump in Primary: READ WHY?



Donald Trump faced notable opposition in the New Mexico Republican presidential primary. Although Trump won with 84.5 percent of the vote, nearly 15 percent of voters, totaling over 15,000 votes, opposed him. This signals ongoing challenges for Trump in gaining support beyond his MAGA base, even as the presumptive 2024 presidential candidate.

Nikki Haley, who exited the race in March after Super Tuesday, continues to draw votes away from Trump in the primaries. For instance, the former South Carolina governor secured 20 percent of the vote in Maryland (over 47,500 votes) and 21.7 percent in Indiana (more than 128,000 votes).

Haley also received over 100,000 votes in key swing states like Pennsylvania and Arizona and nearly 300,000 votes in Michigan, another battleground state critical for the 2024 election between Trump and President Joe Biden. Polls indicate that many Republicans who support Haley in the primaries may not back Trump in November. Biden is actively trying to win over Haley supporters to prevent Trump from returning to the White House.

In the New Mexico primary, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley received 8.6 percent of the vote, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got 2.6 percent, and “uncommitted” votes accounted for 3.3 percent, or more than 3,100 votes.

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