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Najee Harris’ Agent Claps Back at Radio Host’s Free Agency Rumors!



The Pittsburgh Steelers recently opted not to exercise their fifth-year option on running back Najee Harris, sparking speculation about his future with the team. Some suggest this move could pave the way for a potential trade, indicating the Steelers may be ready to part ways with him after the upcoming season.

However, there’s conflicting information about Harris’s intentions. Earlier reports suggested that Harris himself requested the team to decline his option because he wanted to explore opportunities elsewhere. However, his agent, Doug Hendrickson, refutes these claims, dismissing them as inaccurate.

The discrepancy raises questions about the accuracy of the initial report and whether Hendrickson is simply defending his client. It seems unlikely that Harris would actively seek his option to be declined if his aim was to sign elsewhere, as it would be more straightforward to request a trade directly.

Regardless of Harris’s intentions, there are indications that his role within the Steelers’ offense may be shifting. The emergence of Jaylen Warren has provided Pittsburgh with a viable alternative in the backfield. Warren’s impressive performance in the previous season, coupled with his versatility as a runner and receiver, could lead to a more balanced distribution of carries in the upcoming season.

While Harris has been a durable and consistent contributor for the Steelers since joining the team in 2021, his efficiency metrics raise concerns. Despite his ability to accumulate yards, his yards per carry and reception numbers have been underwhelming compared to Warren’s. This disparity could influence the team’s decision-making regarding workload allocation moving forward.

Although a trade seems unlikely at this point, especially considering Harris’s value to the Steelers’ offense, his dissatisfaction with his role could become a factor if he feels marginalized or if the team struggles. As the season progresses, Harris’s future with the Steelers may become clearer, especially if his role continues to evolve or if trade discussions resurface.

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