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Mind-Blowing Achievement! Shohei Ohtani Hits Milestone Only Shared with Red Sox Legend David Ortiz



Shohei Ohtani consistently reinforces his claim as the unrivaled standout player in present-day Major League Baseball. He recently clinched the Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award for the third consecutive year, a feat shared with Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz.


Ohtani secured the award after an impressive 2023 campaign, hitting .304/.412/.654 with an American League-leading 44 home runs, 26 doubles, and 95 RBIs in 135 games with the Los Angeles Angels. Despite a season-ending injury that curtailed his run, Ohtani’s status as the biggest superstar in baseball today remains intact.

As the 2023 AL MVP, Ohtani made history by becoming the first player since Ortiz’s five consecutive wins from 2003 to 2007 to win the award in three straight years. Despite these accomplishments, Ohtani acknowledges there is work to be done to reach the top spot on the all-time leaderboard, with David Ortiz leading with eight awards, followed by Edgar Martinez with five, and Ohtani with three.

Looking ahead to the offseason, the 29-year-old faces a significant decision as one of MLB’s most sought-after free agents. While Los Angeles was Ohtani’s debut and home for the first six seasons of his big league career, the Angels’ front office has struggled to build a competitive team. Ohtani, yet to make his MLB postseason debut, is now contemplating his future as the Angels have finished below .500 for the past eight years.

The anticipated contract negotiations are expected to involve a substantial financial commitment, reflecting the value of a premier designated hitter who can also excel on the pitching mound, consistently delivering 130-plus innings for three consecutive seasons. Ohtani’s multifaceted skills come at a premium, and teams vying for his services understand the extraordinary talent they seek to acquire.