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Michigan’s National Championship Victory: Top Commits and Targets’ EPIC Reactions Revealed in Recruiting Roundup!



The Michigan Wolverines have achieved the pinnacle in college football, concluding their most extraordinary season in the program’s 144-year history by defeating the Washington Huskies and securing a 15-0 record. Winning stands out as an unparalleled recruiting asset, with numerous committed and potential players expressing positive sentiments about the program following Monday’s victory.

Anticipate a wave of positive recruiting updates in the coming months. Meanwhile, here are some noteworthy quotes from recruits, as compiled by Steve Wiltfong ($) at 247Sports and EJ Holland ($) with The Wolverine/On3.

Carter Smith, the 2025 QB commit, expressed that witnessing the team’s competitive spirit and success makes him more comfortable with his decision. Bobby Kanka, a 2025 DL commit, is thrilled to join the University of Michigan, especially with the dominance of both defensive and offensive lines.

Mantrez Walker, the 2025 LB commit, praised Harbaugh’s impact on the program and would gladly return if it aligns with his family. Chris Ewald, a 2025 CB commit, appreciates the coaching staff’s work and the program’s early commitment to him. Gatlin Bair, a Top-100 WR target, celebrates the team’s resilience and key plays that changed the game’s momentum. Kaliq Lockett, a top-70 WR recruit, sees Michigan’s season as a statement, challenging narratives about their offensive approach. Andrew Babaloa, a top-50 OT recruit, credits the team’s success to the force they’ve been in the trenches. Dierre Hill, a top-80 RB recruit, considers Michigan a potential fit due to their dominance and similar playing style. Alex Graham, a top-100 S recruit, commends the team for achieving their goals of going undefeated, winning the Big Ten championship, and the national title.

Mark Zackery, a top-170 CB recruit, appreciates Michigan’s winning culture, grit, and hunger for success. Marco Jones, a top-180 LB recruit, values the elite coaching staff, player development, and the tradition at Michigan. Marcus Wimberly, a top-500 S recruit, expresses awe at the team’s performance and considers Michigan highly in his mind.

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