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Michael Jordan is far better than LeBron James



The ongoing debate over the greatest basketball player of all time has focused primarily on Michael Jordan and LeBron James, both considered worthy contenders. Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing, who had the unique perspective of being a former teammate and friend of Jordan, recently shared his insights on the matter.

Ewing’s firsthand experience with Jordan’s dominance dates back to their college days when Ewing’s Georgetown Hoyas faced off against Jordan’s North Carolina Tar Heels in the 1982 NCAA National Championship game. Throughout their NBA careers, Ewing witnessed Jordan’s relentless competitiveness, often falling victim to Jordan’s scoring prowess while playing for the New York Knicks against Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.

In Ewing’s view, Jordan’s unparalleled killer instinct sets him apart from James. He described Jordan as an assassin on the court, always seeking to score and dominate the game. In contrast, Ewing sees James as more of a facilitator, acknowledging his scoring ability but emphasizing Jordan’s singular focus on putting points on the board.

Although Ewing never played alongside LeBron, he had the opportunity to be Jordan’s teammate on the legendary 1992 Dream Team. Ewing witnessed firsthand Jordan’s unwavering commitment to winning, whether facing top-tier opponents or lesser competition. For Ewing, Jordan’s mentality and leadership qualities made him the preferred teammate in any competitive scenario.

Ultimately, Ewing emphasized the importance of having a teammate who brings a winning mentality and unwavering support, qualities he believes Jordan embodies to a greater extent than James.

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