"Leon Draisaitl's Future in Doubt: Will Another Playoff Disappointment Force Him to Leave Edmonton?" - footballivenews
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“Leon Draisaitl’s Future in Doubt: Will Another Playoff Disappointment Force Him to Leave Edmonton?”



Leon Draisaitl’s Future in Doubt: Will Another Playoff Disappointment Force Him to Leave Edmonton?


Leon Draisaitl is once again showcasing his remarkable talent in the NHL playoffs, with 9 goals and 25 points in just 15 games. However, despite his stellar performance, the Edmonton Oilers find themselves down 2-1 to the Dallas Stars in the Western Conference Final, casting a shadow over their playoff ambitions.


#### A Familiar Story


For Draisaitl, this scenario is becoming all too familiar. His individual brilliance continues to shine, yet it hasn’t been enough to propel the Oilers past the playoff hurdle. As he enters the final year of his eight-year, $8.5 million AAV contract next season, speculation about his future in Edmonton is mounting.


#### Contract Uncertainty


Draisaitl is eligible for an extension, but with another potential season without a Stanley Cup, questions arise. Will Draisaitl start to doubt whether he can achieve his ultimate goal in Edmonton? Moreover, will Oilers management consider restructuring the team’s core or rethink their financial commitments to upcoming extensions?


On the “Daily Faceoff Live,” analysts Frank Seravalli and Tyler Yaremchuk weighed in on the situation. Seravalli downplayed the likelihood of Draisaitl leaving, emphasizing the unique partnership between Draisaitl and Connor McDavid. “I don’t see it and I don’t really understand the hysteria and buzz around it because I’ve always viewed these two players as a package deal,” Seravalli said. “There’s only one place that Draisaitl can play with the best player on planet Earth, and it’s here in Edmonton. And by the way, they also happen to be best friends.”


#### Strong Bonds


Yaremchuk echoed this sentiment, noting the close personal relationship between Draisaitl and McDavid. “He’s going to be standing next to him at his wedding!” Yaremchuk added, highlighting the deep bond that extends beyond the rink.


Seravalli acknowledged that the narrative might shift if the Oilers had already clinched a Stanley Cup. “It’s going to be hard to envision those two separating from each other. I think maybe the conversation is different if the Oilers had won a Stanley Cup, then Draisaitl could branch off and go on his own,” he speculated.


#### Future Considerations


As the Oilers face the possibility of another premature playoff exit, the pressure on both Draisaitl and the team’s management intensifies. For Draisaitl, the decision will hinge on whether he believes Edmonton can build a championship-caliber team around him and McDavid. For the Oilers’ front office, the challenge lies in maximizing their resources to create a winning formula while retaining their star players.


The outcome of this playoff run could significantly impact the franchise’s direction. If Draisaitl chooses to seek opportunities elsewhere, it would mark a seismic shift for the Oilers. Conversely, a commitment to staying could signal confidence in the team’s future prospects.


#### Conclusion


Leon Draisaitl’s future in Edmonton hangs in the balance as the Oilers navigate the pressures of playoff expectations. His decision will be influenced by both his desire to win and his strong connection with McDavid. As the Oilers strive to advance, the looming question remains: Will another playoff disappointment be the catalyst for change, or will it strengthen the resolve to build a championship team around their dynamic duo?

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