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Larry Bird’s Struggle Against Wild Bird Goes Viral!(Watch)



Larry Bird once again demonstrates his acting skills in a fresh Allstate advertisement, where he finds himself in a tussle with a bird causing havoc in his attic.

Airing during this year’s Oscars broadcast on Sunday night, the 67-year-old’s performance may not earn him any awards, but it’s an amusing spot bound to bring a smile to the faces of Celtics fans and basketball enthusiasts alike.

In the Allstate “Mayhem” commercial, Bird is disrupted by a bird creating chaos in his home. While the actual bird remains unseen, it’s portrayed by Dean Winters, known for his role as Mr. Mayhem. Whatever mischief the bird is up to, it prompts one of the NBA’s greatest players to leave his seat and confront the situation in the attic.

Realizing a basketball isn’t the ideal tool for dealing with a bird, Bird opts for the next best thing: a lacrosse stick.

The encounter doesn’t go smoothly for Bird, resulting in him bumping his head (though proving he’s still got some hops) and crashing through the floorboards. Clearly, Bird had a more successful time facing off against the Atlanta Hawks during his Hall of Fame career than he did against this troublesome bird.

Bird has been a familiar face on television screens, appearing in numerous commercials over the years. While nothing may surpass the legendary “The Showdown” where Bird and Michael Jordan compete in an epic shooting contest for a Big Mac, his Allstate “Mayhem” commercial adds another entertaining chapter to his commercial repertoire.

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