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Larry Bird: The Early Days!



Larry Bird’s background is widely recognized by now—a young boy from French Lick who ventured to Indiana to play under Bob Knight. However, his time there was short-lived, partly due to feeling overwhelmed and facing bullying from Kent Benson. Despite his brief stint, Bird harbored resentment towards Benson, a sentiment that fueled him in the NBA, where he sought to outperform him at every turn.

Following his departure from Indiana University, Bird found his stride at Indiana State, where he emerged as a prominent figure. The pinnacle of his college career came in the 1979 national championship game against Magic Johnson, marking the beginning of their enduring rivalry and close friendship in the NBA.

Before gaining national prominence, Bird’s talents were known mainly within Terre Haute, with limited exposure beyond that circle. In an era predating platforms like ESPN and YouTube, individuals like Bird, hailing from small towns like French Lick, didn’t attract widespread attention.

The provided video captures a moment from the 1977 NIT, featuring Indiana State against Houston. Coached by Guy Lewis and boasting talents like Otis Birdsong, Houston narrowly edged out the Sycamores, despite Bird’s missed game-winning attempt. While not showcasing the level of skill Bird displayed in the NBA, the video hints at the greatness that was to come.