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Larry Bird Ripped the Celtics



Larry Bird was known for his outspoken nature, unafraid to critique not only his former Boston Celtics teammates but also the team’s front office, even after retiring from the game.

Despite battling injuries and chronic back pain towards the end of his illustrious career, partly stemming from his efforts to construct a driveway for his mother, Bird found solace in the guidance of head coach Chris Ford, who steered the Celtics to playoff contention. However, Bird’s departure from the court marked the beginning of a less prosperous era for the franchise, marked by confusion and dissatisfaction with the management’s decisions.

During Bird’s final two seasons with the Celtics, Chris Ford had the privilege of coaching the legendary player, overseeing a period of relative success for the team. Despite Bird and fellow star Kevin McHale contending with injuries, Ford fostered cohesion between seasoned veterans and promising young talents like Reggie Lewis, hinting at a hopeful transition for the Celtics post-Bird.

Yet, despite maintaining a respectable performance on the court, the organization soon faced turbulence, culminating in Bird’s criticism of the front office’s handling of Ford’s contract extension and subsequent dismissal. Despite the Celtics making a playoff appearance the following season, the decision to part ways with Ford left Bird disillusioned, expressing concerns about the team’s stability and prospects for success in the league.

Bird’s apprehensions about the Celtics’ trajectory proved prescient as the team endured a period of decline throughout the mid-1990s. Hindered by tragedies such as the untimely deaths of potential franchise cornerstones Len Bias and Reggie Lewis, the Celtics found themselves grappling with a succession of setbacks, unable to replicate the championship glory of Bird’s era.

The absence of key figures like Bias and Lewis compounded the challenges facing the Celtics in the post-Bird era, underscoring the team’s struggles to sustain success amidst adversity and unforeseen circumstances.

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