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Larry Bird Flips Off Players at All-Star Game!



When Bob Ryan, a former Boston Celtics reporter, tuned into the 2024 NBA All-Star Game, he quickly realized that the lack of competitiveness persisted right from the start. Hoping for at least a semblance of intensity as the East and West stars faced off, Ryan was disappointed to witness what he described as a continuation of the farcical nature of the event. The game ended with a whopping 397 points and a mere three fouls, culminating in a 211-186 victory for the East on Sunday, February 18. Expressing his frustration, Ryan didn’t mince words, asserting that the NBA players disrespected Celtics legend Larry Bird and others by treating the game with such nonchalance.

In Ryan’s eyes, All-Star games across various sports have become a mockery, but none more so than their NBA counterpart. Describing it as ten players on the court devoid of any defensive strategy, he labeled it an embarrassing spectacle lacking in competitive spirit.

During an episode of the “Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman Podcast,” Ryan condemned the event, viewing it as a betrayal of the competitive spirit embodied by players like Bird. He accused the NBA of misleading fans with false advertising, presenting the All-Star Game as a legitimate basketball contest when, in reality, it falls short of that standard.

Reflecting on past All-Star Games, Ryan acknowledged that they were never intensely competitive but emphasized that they were far more engaging than the recent iteration. While acknowledging that younger fans might not share his sentiments, he remained adamant that All-Star games could and should offer a more compelling display of athleticism and competition.

Ryan’s co-host, Gary Tanguay, echoed his sentiments, asserting that legendary players like Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Bill Russell would be unable to comprehend the lackadaisical approach taken in today’s All-Star Games. He emphasized their commitment to giving their all, especially in events meant to showcase the pinnacle of their sport’s achievement.

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