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Joshua KO? Doubts Arise About Getting Up!



Joe Joyce, who has sparred with both Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou in preparation for their anticipated crossover match, has voiced concerns about Joshua’s ability to recover if Ngannou lands one of his trademark power punches.

Ngannou, known for his knockout victories during his UFC career, poses a significant threat with his formidable punching ability. Many UFC enthusiasts even speculate that Ngannou’s punches pack more power than those of Deontay Wilder, adding intrigue to his boxing debut against Tyson Fury.

During his boxing debut against Fury, Ngannou managed to knock down the WBC champion, showcasing his punching prowess. Now, as he prepares to face Joshua, Ngannou aims to secure his first professional boxing victory.

Reflecting on his sparring sessions with Ngannou, Joyce emphasized Ngannou’s raw power, expressing doubts about Joshua’s ability to withstand such forceful blows. While acknowledging Joshua’s skill and power, Joyce believes that if Ngannou lands a punch similar to the one he struck Fury with, Joshua may struggle to recover.

As the highly-anticipated Joshua-Ngannou showdown approaches in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Joyce anticipates a compelling fight between two powerful contenders. The match will be available for viewing on both Sky Sports Box Office and DAZN PPV. Meanwhile, Joyce himself is set to return to the ring a week later, facing Kash Ali in Birmingham.

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