"Insider Reveals Shocking Dodgers Move! Former Red Sox Pitcher in the Crosshairs for Major Rotation Upgrade!" - footballivenews
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“Insider Reveals Shocking Dodgers Move! Former Red Sox Pitcher in the Crosshairs for Major Rotation Upgrade!”



This offseason might see a familiar face from the Boston Red Sox don the Los Angeles Dodgers’ colors.

James Paxton, a former Red Sox pitcher, is now a free agent, coming off a commendable season that is expected to draw attention in the market. Despite grappling with injuries in recent years, Paxton managed to make a solid comeback last season, completing 19 starts with a 4.50 ERA. While initially a standout for the Red Sox, injuries took a toll on his overall performance.

However, the 35-year-old left-hander still stands out as a reliable addition to any rotation. According to insights from The Athletic’s Jim Bowden, the Dodgers, along with several other clubs, are eyeing Paxton to reinforce their pitching lineup. Bowden’s list of potential free-agent targets includes Paxton, highlighting the Dodgers’ urgent need to fortify their rotation.

“Injuries and off-field issues have depleted the Dodgers’ starting pitching over the past few years, so despite having a stocked farm system of young starters, they are in dire need of adding proven pitchers to their rotation this offseason,” notes Bowden.

As the Dodgers gear up for the 2024 season, having been a powerhouse in baseball for the last decade, there’s acknowledgment that more work needs to be done this offseason. Despite the challenges, the prospect of securing someone like Paxton could be a pivotal move to strengthen their rotation. Brace yourselves; the Dodgers might just pull off a surprising acquisition to elevate their game in the upcoming season!

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