"Heartwarming Moment: Preston Riki's Emotional Call to Grandma Before NRL Debut!"
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“Heartwarming Moment: Preston Riki’s Emotional Call to Grandma Before NRL Debut!”



Heartwarming Moment: Preston Riki’s Emotional Call to Grandma Before NRL Debut!


In an inspiring and emotional moment, Penrith Panthers have released footage of a heartfelt phone call between debutant Preston Riki and his grandmother, made just moments after he received the news that he would be making his NRL debut against the Dragons in round 13.


#### A Dream Achieved


Preston Riki, a dedicated back-rower, has spent years toiling away in the lower grades at the Panthers, consistently pushing himself and waiting for his chance to shine. At 26, his perseverance and determination have finally paid off, with his debut set to take place during the State of Origin period.


The emotional phone call with his grandmother highlights the deep family bonds and support systems that have been crucial throughout his journey. Her pride and excitement were palpable, and her words of encouragement added a poignant touch to this milestone moment.


#### A Steady Journey


Riki’s path to the NRL has been marked by steady progress and relentless hard work. He has been a key figure in the Panthers’ NSW Cup success in recent years, including their triumphant premiership victory in 2022. His contributions at this level have not gone unnoticed, and his consistent performances have earned him this long-awaited opportunity.


In addition to his club achievements, Riki has also represented the Maori All Stars, showcasing his talent on a broader stage. This experience has further honed his skills and underscored his readiness for the top level of the sport.


#### Seizing the Opportunity


With several of the Panthers’ key players absent due to State of Origin commitments, Riki’s inclusion in the first team comes at a critical time. The club is confident that his experience and work ethic will provide a valuable boost as they face the Dragons.


Riki’s debut is not only a personal triumph but also a testament to the Panthers’ robust player development system. His journey from the lower grades to the NRL exemplifies the club’s ability to nurture and prepare talent for the highest levels of competition.


#### A Moment to Cherish


As Preston Riki prepares to step onto the field for his NRL debut, he carries with him the pride and support of his family, especially the heartfelt encouragement from his grandmother. This debut is a celebration of his dedication, hard work, and the unwavering support from his loved ones.


The rugby league community will be watching with great anticipation, cheering on Riki as he embarks on this significant chapter of his career. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring players everywhere, reminding them that perseverance and dedication can lead to realizing their dreams.

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