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Former Red-Sox pitcher takes shot at Yankees



In a notable offseason move, the New York Yankees orchestrated a significant trade with the Red Sox to bring outfielder Alex Verdugo into their lineup. With aspirations of reinforcing their batting order, Verdugo arrives in New York seeking a fresh start, having navigated some tumultuous times during his tenure in Boston.

However, the excitement surrounding this acquisition is tinged with questions about Verdugo’s character, particularly in the opinion of former Red Sox pitcher Jonathan Papelbon. Papelbon, known for his candid remarks, expressed reservations about having Verdugo on his team, raising concerns about the outfielder’s work ethic.

Verdugo, who has been vocal about his desire for a clean slate in New York, faced criticism from Papelbon, who questioned his commitment and professionalism. The former Red Sox pitcher alleged that Verdugo’s tendency to show up late and his perceived focus on individual performance rather than team dynamics made him an undesirable teammate.

During a recent interview on “Foul Territory,” Papelbon remarked, “I don’t want somebody who shows up late every day, who doesn’t care, that really plays for himself.” He acknowledged that such an approach could work in New York but emphasized his personal aversion to such players.

Papelbon further detailed his observations of Verdugo’s behavior during their time together in Boston, asserting that the outfielder’s tardiness and ostentatious arrivals rubbed him and other Red Sox players the wrong way. In Papelbon’s view, Verdugo essentially “rode himself out of town” with his actions.

This public criticism from Papelbon is not the first instance of his vocal disapproval of Verdugo. In December, the former pitcher took to social media to express his displeasure, using strong language to address comments made by Verdugo about his experiences in Boston.

As the Yankees integrate Verdugo into their roster, the outfielder faces not only the challenge of adapting to a new team but also the scrutiny arising from these character-related concerns voiced by a former teammate. The dynamics between Verdugo and his new teammates in New York will undoubtedly be closely observed as the season unfolds.

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