Cowboys Deliver Bold Statement to Shaq Leonard After He Joins Eagles! You Won't Believe Their Response! - footballivenews
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Cowboys Deliver Bold Statement to Shaq Leonard After He Joins Eagles! You Won’t Believe Their Response!



“Dallas Cowboys’ Big Revelation on Shaquille Leonard’s Choice to Join Eagles Over Big D Emerges! Jerry Jones Speaks Out”

Colts' Shaquille Leonard Sends Message to the Rest of the NFL

The recent update from the Dallas Cowboys sheds light on Shaquille Leonard’s decision to opt for the Philadelphia Eagles instead of heading to Dallas. Owner Jerry Jones addressed swirling rumors surrounding why the Cowboys missed out, debunking any notion of financial concerns.

All indications suggest Leonard believed the Eagles could propel him closer to a Super Bowl victory compared to the Cowboys. Jones wished Leonard well but didn’t mince words about wanting the star player to regret his decision when the two teams clash in Week 14. Leonard’s move to pass on Dallas in favor of Philly adds fuel to their rivalry game.

“We talked and showed interest on certain terms if he could join,” Jones mentioned during a December 5, 2023 interview with 105.3 The Fan’s “Shan & RJ.” “He chose Philadelphia, that’s it. Let’s make him regret not picking the winning side on Sunday.”

Jerry Jones Addresses Shaq Leonard’s Eagles Move: ‘Money Was Never the Issue’

Leonard’s surprise release by the Colts on November 21 led to visits to Dallas and Philadelphia as a free agent. Jones believes Leonard’s decision boiled down to which team offered the “best chance” at a Super Bowl win.

“On a personal level, I wish him the best,” Jones commented. “He’s had an illustrious career. Money was never discussed; we met, had lunch, and had a good conversation, but finances were never in question.

“It wasn’t a factor at all. He chose where he believed he had the best opportunity. I respect and acknowledge his choice. It wasn’t about our confidence in our linebackers.”

Cowboys Update: Expectation of Facing Shaq Leonard in Week 14

The Cowboys anticipate Leonard’s presence in their upcoming Sunday Night Football game. Jones recognizes the emerging trend of late-season releases for veterans like Leonard.

“We might see him on the field against us Sunday,” Jones admitted. “It’s just a unique time when a player like him is available and can choose his team, getting on the field within days.

“It’s a peculiar time, not a complaint, but it’s fascinating how he can seamlessly join and play against us on Sunday.”

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