Coach Reveals Shocking Insight: Did He Predict Serena Williams' Superiority Over Venus at Age 10? - footballivenews
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Coach Reveals Shocking Insight: Did He Predict Serena Williams’ Superiority Over Venus at Age 10?



Coach Rick Macci disclosed his initial belief that Serena Williams wouldn’t surpass Venus Williams at the age of 10. Renowned for coaching the Williams sisters for four years, Macci is acknowledged for their early development.

Upon commencing coaching, Macci perceived Venus as the more mature sibling. Nonetheless, he observed unique qualities in Serena. Responding to a question about Serena’s potential superiority at 10, Macci emphasized Venus’s maturity, focus, and exceptional work ethic, contrasting it with Serena’s evident qualities of a huge heart, explosive potential, and an impressive start.

Reflecting on his time with the sisters during a recent podcast appearance, Macci highlighted Venus’s unquestioning compliance and Serena’s inclination to seek answers before acting. Despite recognizing Serena’s championship quality from a young age, Macci noted her slower maturation compared to Venus. He fondly referred to Serena’s distinctive mindset as a wildcard.

The Williams sisters are now widely acclaimed in tennis history, with Serena boasting 23 Grand Slams in her career and Venus, still active, securing seven. Venus, recovering from a knee injury, aims to return to tournaments in March after sitting out post the US Open.

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