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Check out which FIVE Vikings dominate ESPN’s chart of the HOTTEST 100 MVPs in 2023!



ESPN’s Seth Walder recently unveiled a comprehensive ranking of the top 100 most valuable players of the 2023 NFL season, offering a unique approach that revolves around the players’ demonstrated value during the regular season. Walder’s methodology is grounded in a mix of quantitative metrics, including pass block win rates and Receiver Tracking Metrics, coupled with qualitative factors such as All-Pro teams and Pro Football Focus grades. To ensure a well-rounded perspective, he sought feedback from trusted colleagues and NFL team staffers, resulting in a nuanced list that gauges a player’s value compared to an average starter at their respective position.

Within this ranking, five Minnesota Vikings players secured noteworthy positions:

1. **No. 55: RT Brian O’Neill** (Ranked 6th among offensive tackles)
2. **No. 70: OLB Danielle Hunter** (Ranked 12th among edge defenders)
3. **No. 86: LT Christian Darrisaw** (Ranked 11th among offensive tackles)
4. **No. 88: WR Justin Jefferson** (Ranked 14th among wide receivers)
5. **No. 90: S Josh Metellus** (Ranked 3rd among safeties)

While the indisputable value of Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson to the Vikings is acknowledged, their injuries during the 2023 season tempered the overall value they could contribute. Despite his absence for a significant portion of the season, Justin Jefferson’s ability to secure a place in the top 100 is regarded as an impressive feat, particularly when considering his fifth overall ranking in the 2022 version of the list.

Opinions may vary on the rankings, with some suggesting that Danielle Hunter and Christian Darrisaw deserve higher placements, while Brian O’Neill’s favorable ranking aligns with ESPN’s win rate models, emphasizing his consistent performance. The inclusion of safety Josh Metellus among the top 100, ranking 3rd among safeties, underscores his exceptional versatility and on-field production, showcasing his significance to the Vikings during the 2023 season.

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