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Celtics’ Playoff Triumph: Genuine Win or Hollow Success?



The Boston Celtics are making significant strides in the NBA playoffs, securing all five of their victories by double-digit margins. Amidst injuries affecting other teams in the bracket, the Celtics seem well-positioned to potentially emerge as the representatives of the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. However, not everyone is entirely enthusiastic about this prospect.

Tony Massarotti, a voice on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston, has expressed reservations about the possibility of a “hollow” championship for the Celtics. Despite their commendable performances, Massarotti questions whether winning a title without encountering substantial challenges would truly carry the same weight. He underscores the significance of teams navigating through adversity, suggesting that without such trials, the championship might feel less earned.

Massarotti’s viewpoint has sparked some debate, with cohost Mike Felger arguing that securing an easy championship shouldn’t be viewed negatively. Nevertheless, Massarotti’s apprehensions reflect a broader discussion among fans regarding the authentic measure of success in sports.

While many Boston sports enthusiasts are undoubtedly reveling in the Celtics’ current achievements, Massarotti’s critique serves as a reminder of the intricate dynamics inherent in sports fandom.

One longstanding concern among Celtics supporters has been the team’s historical struggles in clutch moments, often surrendering late-game leads. However, this season presents a different narrative. Contrary to previous years, the Celtics are dominating the fourth quarter like never before. Their fourth-quarter net rating stands impressively at 5.7, placing them atop the league.

Moreover, the Celtics are showcasing their resilience in clutch situations, excelling when the outcome hangs in the balance during the final minutes of close contests. They rank favorably in essential metrics such as net rating, win percentage, points per game, plus/minus, free throw attempts and percentage, and three-point shooting during clutch moments.

Despite concerns regarding potential regression to “Mazzulla Ball,” a term used to describe inefficient isolation plays that could derail games, the Celtics are maintaining a balanced approach. Their modest number of three-point attempts per game in clutch situations, ranking 11th in the league, suggests a strategic approach. While the Celtics are not flawless, their statistics underscore significant improvement in late-game scenarios.

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