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Broncos to Fulfill 49ers’ Dream with Mega Trade?



The speculation surrounding the Denver Broncos potentially trading their rising defensive star, Patrick Surtain II, persists despite the team’s efforts to quell the rumors. Bleacher Report recently suggested that Surtain could be a coveted addition for a contender like the San Francisco 49ers. Interestingly, the 49ers had expressed interest in Surtain before the trade deadline last fall, even before acquiring Chase Young.

Now, with limited salary cap space and a desire to strengthen their defense following the dismissal of their coordinator despite a recent Super Bowl appearance, could the 49ers revisit the idea of pursuing Surtain?

Such a deal would be intriguing for the Broncos as it would involve their most valuable asset in exchange for quantity over quality, considering the 49ers’ late first-round draft pick and consistent playoff appearances in recent years. However, given Surtain’s perceived value—some speculating he could be worth multiple first-round picks or serve as a key piece in a quarterback trade-up scenario—the Broncos might not find a late first-round pick enticing enough.

The decision for Broncos’ decision-makers George Paton and Sean Payton presents a dilemma: trade Surtain for a high-ranking pick that could secure a franchise quarterback, or opt for multiple first-round picks spread over several years. Considering the Broncos’ quarterback situation and playoff drought since 2016, they urgently need talent beyond the signal caller position.

Meanwhile, Surtain remains on his rookie contract for one more season, making him an attractive target for championship contenders seeking a final defensive piece. As a two-time Pro Bowler, he has established himself as one of the top defensive players in the NFL since being drafted ninth overall in 2021.

Although trades involving premier defensive players like Surtain are rare in NFL history, notable examples include Jalen Ramsey being traded twice, Darrelle Revis being dealt for a first-rounder, and the Broncos acquiring Champ Bailey in exchange for Clinton Portis.

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