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Brian Flores generating no interest in coaching searches…



During the latter part of the 2023 NFL regular season, there was speculation about the Minnesota Vikings potentially losing defensive coordinator Brian Flores to a head coaching position. Despite numerous coaching vacancies and several names circulating as interview candidates, Flores has not garnered any interest, with no reports indicating teams reaching out to him for an interview.

The lack of interest is not solely attributed to the Vikings’ defensive performance in the season’s final stretch; a more significant factor is Flores’ ongoing lawsuit against the National Football League. The lawsuit accuses the NFL of discriminatory hiring practices following Flores’ dismissal by the Miami Dolphins. Notably, Flores is suing specific franchises—the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, and New York Giants. Specific allegations include claims that the Giants conducted a “sham interview process,” leading to the hiring of Brian Daboll before the 2022 season.

A judge ruled that Flores must pursue his claims against the Dolphins through arbitration, including accusations of ownership demanding intentional game losses.

Despite Flores’ commendable coaching performance during most of the season, it seems the league is hesitant to consider someone actively suing them for one of the coveted head coaching positions. While not explicitly stated, the other teams in the league appear to be avoiding the potential controversy of hiring Flores for the 2024 season.

As a Vikings fan, the prospect of not hiring Flores is viewed positively. He is expected to have another chance to implement his defensive strategies in 2024, potentially with more talent and players who showed significant progress in 2023. Although Flores is likely to secure another coaching opportunity in the future, the current situation seems unrelated to his coaching abilities.

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