Blake Corum's Unbelievable Legacy at Michigan: You Won't Believe Why He Chooses Team Over Touchdowns! 🌟🏈 - footballivenews
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Blake Corum’s Unbelievable Legacy at Michigan: You Won’t Believe Why He Chooses Team Over Touchdowns! 🌟🏈



Houston – According to Mike Hart, Blake Corum was not obligated to return to school. Hart, Michigan’s running backs coach and a former record-setting rusher for the school from 2004-07, recalls the deliberations with Corum leading up to last year’s draft deadline. Ultimately, Corum, a 5-foot-8, 213-pound running back, made the decision to return, citing a desire to leave a lasting legacy on and off the field and the opportunity to play in the College Football Playoff championship game.

Corum, who has accumulated 3,603 yards and a school-record 56 touchdowns, has played a pivotal role in Michigan’s journey to the championship game, with the Wolverines facing Washington in the NRG Stadium on Monday. Hart emphasizes that Corum’s return was not a necessity but expresses admiration for the running back’s decision, highlighting his recovery from injury and contributions to the community.

In a reflection on his decision to return, Corum, adorned in a blue velvet suit at Big Ten Media Days on July 27, assured reporters of his knee’s fitness. He revisited the emotions following the previous year’s playoff loss and expressed a desire to make a meaningful impact both on and off the field.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh commended Corum’s decision, emphasizing his selfless commitment to the team. Corum has been a key offensive player for Michigan over the past three seasons, collaborating with other talented backs to contribute to the team’s success.

Corum’s decision to stay for his senior season bore fruit with memorable touchdowns, including crucial scores against Penn State and Ohio State. However, it was his spectacular 17-yard touchdown run against Alabama that left many, including Hart and ESPN’s Rece Davis, in awe. Corum’s determination and leadership, demonstrated through constant communication with the offensive line, have been instrumental in the team’s success.

Despite concerns about his draft position, Davis is confident in Corum’s fit with the Michigan style of play and the value he brings to the team. Corum’s involvement in community initiatives, such as a turkey drive in Ypsilanti, Michigan, showcases his leadership-by-example style. However, Corum remains humble, attributing his success to the collective effort of the team.

Looking ahead to the championship game against Washington, Corum’s breakout performance in 2021 against the same opponent serves as a testament to his growth and impact on the team. Whether or not Michigan secures the national championship, Corum believes he made the right decision to return, suggesting that his journey can serve as inspiration for others contemplating a similar choice.

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