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2023 Player Review Exposes the Incredible Journey of Zack Wheeler!



“⚾️ Zack Wheeler Dominates Yet Again! From Cy Young Recognition to Gold Glove Triumph! 💪 Dive into His Stellar 2023 Stats – 32 Games, 192.0 IP, 3.61 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, 26.9 K%, 5.9 fWAR. 🌟

The Upside

Wheeler solidifies his status as an ace, showcasing unparalleled performance over the last four seasons with a league-leading 19.3 fWAR. His postseason prowess boasts a remarkable 2.42 ERA, ranking him sixth in MLB history. This season, his sweeper and sinker dominated, proving nearly unhittable.

The Downside

Critiquing Zack Wheeler’s season borders on the microscopic. While he fell short of his previous innings pitched, he still delivered nearly 200. A slight dip in K% from 2021 (by about 2%) and a minor uptick in WHIP compared to the last two seasons (by less than one-tenth) are the only blips on an otherwise stellar record.

What Lies Ahead

As Wheeler approaches free agency in 2024, the Phillies express their desire to retain him, but challenges loom. With a recent mega-contract to Aaron Nola, the prospect of Wheeler testing free agency raises concerns. Wheeler’s undeniable superiority over Nola may impact negotiations. The age factor, with Wheeler being three years older, adds a layer of complexity, potentially influencing the Phillies and other teams contemplating a long-term deal. 🤔 #ZackWheeler #MLBFreeAgency #BaseballFuture”