Mavericks Shows Interest in Drafting Bronny James
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Mavericks Shows Interest in Drafting Bronny James



Bronny James has been a hyped prospect for many years now, both because of his play on the floor and the stature of his father, LeBron James. As he has risen through the ranks, James Jr. has become a real draft prospect on his own merits, despite a rough season at USC after suffering a cardiac arrest in the preseason.

However, with his dad still playing at an extremely high level into his 22nd NBA season, Bronny will always be associated with him until he retires. Add the fact that James is entering unrestricted free agency for the first time in six years, and speculation surrounding the link between Bronny’s draft destination and James’ off-season decision has heated up.

Many teams have entered the fold for Bronny’s services in an attempt to drum up buzz for a possible LeBron James signing, but the Dallas Mavericks are just the latest to have interest in the USC product.

It is unlikely that James will slip to the 58th selection, but if Dallas could get a promising prospect late in the draft while also signing his father, it would be huge for their franchise.

Dallas Linked to LeBron James: Mavericks Could Be Ideal Fit for NBA Legend

LeBron James Bronny James

With James’ impending free agency, fans and media alike naturally are drumming up possible destinations for the 39-year-old’s final years in the league. With the disaster that the Los Angeles Lakers have been for over a decade and the current predicament they find themselves in relative to the competitive Western Conference, many would like James to pick a team with which he can truly compete for his fifth championship.

Rumors have swirled about the Philadelphia 76ers (who James spurned in his last free agency), the New York Knicks, the Golden State Warriors, and several other franchises. Included in that list is the Mavericks, who have been linked loosely with James for a while because of Luka Dončić and his relationship with Kyrie Irving.

The 76ers, Knicks, and Warriors would all be excellent basketball fits for James because they all need a physical, punishing forward who can also make decisions as a secondary ballhandler. However, while his fit with Dallas would be unorthodox next to the ball-dominant Dončić and the isolation wizardry of Irving, it would certainly lift the Mavericks to greater heights, one better than the situation they’re in right now down 3-1 in the NBA Finals.

Taking most of James’ offensive responsibility off his shoulders and allowing him to work out of the post, off the ball, and affect the game defensively would be a perfect way for him to ride off into the sunset while also competing for championships.

Not to be overlooked in this discussion is Bronny James himself, who has become an excellent prospect with hopes of being a legitimate NBA role player. He clearly has his father’s basketball IQ. He has proven to be an effective passer, and has a pretty jumper that should only improve with time. Bronny has the appearance of a rotation player for a contending team in the future.

With his rough season at USC and lack of elite size or athleticism, his potential appears limited, but he has all the tools of a great connective piece that contributes to winning.